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The island of Thassos is a real treasure, preserving all the elements of the Greek culture and the Greek tradition that are missing from other islands. An important reason to choose Thassos for your vacations is the fact that is so closely located to the coast of East Macedonia and Thrace and that will let you have excursions in many other archaeological sites and beautiful cities spcattered in Northern Greece (Macedonia). 

The surface of Thassos is 393 km2 and the residents are approximately 13.500.
Thassos combines mountains with beautiful beaches and is covered by dense forests of plane trees, fir trees, oak trees and pine trees that sometimes reach even the seashore. The forests cover 7/10th of the island, while olive groves thrive along the shore.  Thassos is one of the most fertile islands of the Aegean. Among the local products, you can find olives (the special throumpa variety), oil, fruit, honey and wine. 
Thassos' subsoil is also rich; copper at the area of Astris, Thimonia, Theologo; lead, silver and zinc in Limenaria; ferum at the area of Kallirahi. The famous mines of Thassos, as well as the timber being used in the shipyards, contributed to the development, the progress and the glamor of the island during the ancient times. This wealth attracted Phoenicians, who were the first inhabitants of Thassos. The marble quarries of the island were always famous. The white marble of Thassos was well known at the ancient times and was used for the construction of many buildings and statues.

The island has no airport, but the International Airport of Kavala is nearby
There are great roads connecting all the big cities of the area. You need 2 hours (165km) to reach Keramoti port from Thessaloniki by car. It is nearly the same time that you need from here to the last European city to the East, Alexandroupoli (174km). The island is connected with Kavala by boat (1 hour) and Keramoti (30 minutes). There is a daily ferry boat connection between Kavala - Prinos and Keramoti - Thassos.
You could reach Kavala from Athens and Thessaloniki usins the services of Ktel Kavala.
On Thassos, there are daily buses that can take you to all the villages of the island. The roads of the island (100km) are in a pretty good condition. 

Thassos, as well as other areas of Greece, is a place that you should visit and experience for at least few days of your vacations. It is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, combining mountains and sea
You will find clean sandy beaches, remoted gulfs, picturesque villages, but also intense nightlife.
Do not forget to buy thyme honey, olives and teaspoon walnut sweet.

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